Scalable Accounting outsourcing Services specifically designed to sustain small and medium business growth

StylusFMS was established by the two veterans of ‘Stylus Systems Inc’ Thomas Parackal & Vinny Alex in 2005 as ‘Thomas & Alex’. StylusFMS aims to provide accounting outsourcing services to small and mid market organizations in the US, Australia and UK. Its parent company Stylus Systems is providing IT services and solutions to global organizations since 1999.

The founders of StylusFMS realized that many growing SME organizations struggle to cope with the growth. Key concern of the top management of such SME organizations is lack of reliable financial information to make effective business decisions. More often the small business accounting team lacks the business perspective and the ability to present the financial data in such a way that is understood by the business owners. Core to StylusFMS’ service offering is the growth of its clients business. SylusFMS’s service portfolio aims to demystify financial data to business owners and enable financial information connect with diverse business components.

StylusFMS’ accounting outsourcing services portfolio serves customers in diverse industries such as Retail, Franchise, Wholesalers, Manufacturing, logistics etc.