Value System Is At the Core of Stylus

At Stylus Inc, including StylusFMS, we follow basic set of principles that guide our actions towards all the stake holders of our business – co-workers, suppliers , customers and everyone that is involved in our business.  Very early in the organization’s history the founders worked hard towards defining the core values of the company that has now been ingrained in the DNA of the organization. While the management of Stylus, is committed follow the values in their daily working lives, Stylus expects that each individual that joins the organization will not only understand the importance of the value system but also work towards championing them in their interaction with their colleagues, supplier and clients.
The value system of Stylus is the foundation that guides our conduct and decisions. The values are independent concepts which, brought together, form a complete system. Each value is important to the success of the company. We believe that adherence to the following values is fundamental to the fulfillment of our mission and vision.

Core values of Stylus are:

  • Integrity
  • Candor
  • Service
  • Kindness
  • Competence
  • Growth


Integrity is ‘Being honest in how we deal with each other, our clients and the wider world.  What we present or say should be matched by who we are and what we do.  We avoid making promises we cannot keep and fulfill the promises we make.’


Candor is ‘Being open and upfront in all our conversations, getting to the key point(s) quickly and not avoiding difficult issues.  We are clear in our communication with colleagues and clients, so that they always have an accurate understanding of the current situation, meaning that last minute surprises will be avoided.’


Service is ‘Seeking to empower and enable others. We help our colleagues and clients to succeed, and celebrate their success.    We are flexible and focus on team goals, rather than our own achievements.  We show respect to our colleagues and clients by seeking to deliver more than they expect, and do so in a spirit of humility.’


Kindness is ‘Having a generous and humane attitude towards others, regularly going the extra mile for them. We speak the truth with grace in order to encourage others and build them up.

Continually Improving Competence

Continuing improving competence is ‘Benchmarking ourselves against the best in the business, never resting on our laurels and actively seeking new and better things. We learn from our mistakes and apply this learning in the workplace.’


Growth is ‘Viewing success as a journey, not a destination. We are wise stewards of the resources we have and constantly seek to multiply them.  We actively look for new opportunities and aim to continually grow our contribution to Stylus, our clients and beyond.

Stylus engaged an external entity to do the ‘Value Survey’ of the organization in 2008. And what results reflected was not very surprising. Survey results show that not only each value is known to more than ¾ of Stylus’ staff but a very large percentage of people follow them in their day to day work.