Our Team

Vinny Alex
Vinny AlexCEO
An approachable CEO who leads by example, Vinny says that he is happy with Stylus Inc.’s growth. However, Vinny feels that the real challenge lies in growing in competency rather than just in revenue. He wants to ensure the development of the all round skills of his employees across multiple fronts so as to build up Stylus Inc. as an organization with a difference. “With its democratization of talent and organizational competency, Stylus Inc. will become a critical component in the web value chain,” he believes with carefully chosen words, “for suppliers and customers from around the world.”

At Stylus Inc. Vinny focuses on execution, sales, marketing and management, apart from having a bird’s eye view on the scheme of things and serving on the Board of Directors as well. After joining in January 2001 as the HR Manager, Vinny leaped into finance and was later appointed CEO. Now he also enjoys software design & architecture. He describes his and for that matter, Stylus Inc.’s role too, as that of a problem solver. “What we do is just problem solving, all the way! Its just that in software development, it happens to be coined as design.” Through it all, Vinny’s cool, calm and composed manner is his operational signature and a source of inspiration to many Stylites.
Vinny is an engineer with an MBA from Cochin University of Science And Technology.

Thomas Parakal
Thomas ParakalBusiness Head
Thomas Parackal joined Stylus Inc. in November 2000 as the Operations Manager. Currently, he is the Business Head for Stylus FMS and is also on the Board of Directors.

An engineer turned CFO, Thomas is passionate about breaking boundaries and re-defining existing norms. He graduated with top academic scores and has had a brilliant career with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Wipro-GE and Birla Technologies.

With over 15 years of management expertise to his credit, Thomas considers his current role as more “a stewardship call than a career choice.” Even as he keeps a keen eye on StylusFMS’s steep growth, Thomas gives great importance to sustaining this growth with a balanced scorecard framework, and anchored on certain core values. A true strategic analyst, Thomas reckons that the best way to use life is to use it for something that outlasts life itself.

Ranjit Mathew
Ranjit Mathew
Fighting the battles of mediocrity and purposelessness and urging his troops onto excellence, Ranjit at Stylus Inc. is a warrior at work. With over 14 years of leadership and experience in operations & project management, Stylus Inc.’s CTO, who joined in May 2005, plays out his major achievements as having contributed to the value statement of the company and not having a single grey hair on his head, yet! Ranjit was always on the lookout to be a part of a business with a clear focus on transformation and aimed at influencing lives. The value based company that Stylus Inc. now is, is a true testimony to that desire and determination.

For Ranjit, Stylus Inc.’s growth is inevitable and often intangible and the growth in character and commitment is equally impressive. He believes in taking people in and investing in them with the firm belief that no such investment can ever become a lost investment. “Institutions do not last forever. People do. We are here for the latter”, he adds meaningfully and from the heart.

With a B.A in Economics and a diploma in Systems Management, the chief leads the attack with his diplomatically different war plans, as quoted here. “Stylus Inc. is dependent on passionate people, not on strategy. Our victory lies in being recognized for an unparallel quality of service, delivered passionately..