Transforming your F&A Departments with Cloud Accounting

Cloud Computing is impacting business processes in organizations in unprecedented ways and organizations are finding it comfortable working with virtual teams that do not work from their location.

Our team of qualified accountants work with various corporate finance functions like AP, AR, bank reconciliations etc for companies in countries such as the US UK and Australia. But what makes them special is that they are a virtual extension of the client’s Finance and Accounts team. These accountants are equipped to work in the cloud environment. They are comfortable with the world of wikis, widgets and online productivity tools in addition to being reliable accountants. Audit reviews and closures actually happen collaboratively on wikis and other on-demand productivity management tools.

Our team of highly qualified and professional accountants has built expertise on a range of on-demand applications such as NetSuite, Xero and SpringCM. Software as a Service or SaaS applications such as these allow people to play productive roles from any location, as long as the workflows are mapped and clearly laid out. So when our team comes to work they get onto the cloud and steps into the client’s Finance and Accounts premises. Cloud computing helps work with the client environment just as the client’s own team would.

Small and Medium Businesses now have the opportunity to benefit from the power of collaboration using the cloud environment. StylusFMS can enhance the strategic contribution of small business accounting teams, by providing accountants who are versatile with cloud accounting. The goal is to serve our customers in a way assures productivity and quality of deliverables. Cloud Accounting is making that happen. Today, no matter what Finance and Accounting applications you use – be it Quickbooks, Peachtree, mini ERPs or on-demand applications, technology allows us to work remotely from anywhere just as effectively as being part of your team. Would you like us to be part of your Corporate finance function? Do contact us today.