Creating Insightful Reports with XeroHQ

With XeroHQ the flexibility and ease with which insightful reports can be created improve further. However, some fundamental disciplines and workflow set up are required to gain full advantage.

Below are Three Tips to achieve great reporting and a bonus report package right at the end:

Begin with the End in Mind:
Take some time out and list down the most important questions you might want to ask for your practice. We will all agree that it is important to work on your practice instead of only working in your practice. And again, the way you categorize the jobs and tasks in Workflowmax is also very important, from a reporting standpoint and therefore demands your careful consideration.
Great reporting in WorkflowMax is easy when the system has been correctly and comprehensively setup to include the flow of all information and data in your practice. As much as its features support, remember to move everything over to Workflowmax. For example, you can move in your client quote process in, especially if you have been using another system for this purpose.

Manage time with greater diligence:
Daily time sheet entries will give you the most accurate data for better reporting. Additionally,

You can use custom notifications to alert teams when their actual time is approaching the estimated time on their jobs.
Lower your risk of project overruns by being able to review jobs daily.
You can issue and approve invoices promptly in the system –and track your AR status for managing it more effectively.

Keep your WIP in check:
The Work in Progress Manager or WIP in Workflowmax shows unbilled work – detailed by month or job status and provides customizable filters.
Make sure that the job [...]

Decoding the Job Task Structure in Xero Practice Manager

Over the past year, my colleague and I (both certified practice manager advisors) have been looking at different practices and small businesses and observed a fundamental flaw in how they set up their XPM/Workflowmax Job Task Breakdown. If you don’t get your task list and job settings right, then you end up with inferior reporting capability.

So we designed a 5 Step Programme to help with easy implementation in the form of an Infographic:

Reminder – If you are hard pressed on time with other priorities, there is a good news for you…Help is at hand! Check out our Special Offer that gives you a leap forward.

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    Get your Xero Practice Manager(WorkflowMax) ready for XeroHQ

Get your Xero Practice Manager(WorkflowMax) ready for XeroHQ

How important is Operational Efficiency to you as a practice? If it is, you need to think about improving the utilization of your XPM/Workflowmax.
I am delighted to announce a service offering that we recently launched. This will be a strategic addition to your toolkit. We carefully prepared this based on interest expressed by a number of our clients and can offer this to the first 5 that Sign Up.

How you can put your XPM (Workflowmax) to work in the way it was meant to

Full setup of all your services in a job task breakdown. This will give you control over your workflow as well as job and task allocation across staff.
Even for the compliance services, intermediary milestones can be set up, that will give firm control over the compliance deadlines
Setting up all staff (both in-house and outsourced staff) with the various billing structures. This will give you better control over staff planning as well as staff costing
Reports that will give you insight on your business: Customized Weekly and Monthly Reports on the Overall health of your firm can be designed and set up. You can have a track of Staff Productivity and efficiency for instance, through these.
W.I.P ( Work In Progress ): A snapshot view of the WIP of your firm is a helpful health indicator at a quick glance. We can have this going for you

We now can allocate our Advisor to work closely with you to achieve the above objectives. This comes at an attractive package price of $825 on a 3-month schedule.


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    5 Steps to Improved Staff Performance Management using WorkflowMax

5 Steps to Improved Staff Performance Management using WorkflowMax

Up to 10 staff could be freely set up in your Xero Practice Manager if you are a Xero Gold or Silver Partner. You would already know that Practice Manager supports task based billing but a little lesser known fact is that differential rates can be recognized for each staff based on the value they generate, by virtue of their experience and expertise. Superior staff performance can be the result of higher productivity – where they do the same job in lesser time, or greater expertise, where only they can do the job.
 If you have not been recognizing differential rates  across your staff yet and putting it to strategic use in your management, here is what you should consider.

5 steps to turbocharge your Staff Management using your Xero Practice Manager:
Step 1 : EASY – First get your staff into Practice Manager:
Go into your Settings and click on Staff and hit Invite Staff. Enter in all the information followed by all the privileges you wish your staff should enjoy in practice manager and Click Save.
Helpful Tip : Even without any privileges set,  a staff can look at  his/her task and fill in the time corresponding to that task.

Step 2 : Sharpen your Pricing Model In Practice Manager:  
As Mentioned above this is less known information about Practice Manager that it can accommodate different pricing as well as types of billing:

Hourly and Fixed Rate Billing
Task and Staff Rate Billing

Choose the one your practice has been using earlier or find out if you can improve profitability trying out another type of billing available to you in Practice Manager.
Helpful Tip : Set up both the Staff and Task hourly rates [...]