P.S. Basu

Commercial communications are not to center around only profit, loss and opportunities. Commerce takes place within the communities, hence it is of paramount importance that the entire endeavor should have a community orientation and communication being the lifeline of commerce should also have the same.

This takes a different dimension, especially when in this age of globalization, business happens with the co-ordination between two or more enterprises not withstanding geographical and cultural diversities. Located thousands of miles away two enterprises exchange activities in the form of contract and service, hence need to align with the law of the land and societal practices with utmost care. Otherwise, the non-conformity can create a situation where ulterior motives can take birth and ferment while the entire endeavor may suffer adversity.

Quoting a case study from the archives of University of Notre dame, Indiana, USA, here below:

“Beginning in the late 1990’s, public accounting firm KPMG marketed and sold tax shelters specifically designed to help clients evade taxes. When the IRS challenged these tax shelters, KPMG resisted its investigation. In the face of mounting evidence against the firm, KPMG eventually realized it had no choice but to cooperate with the Justice Department and try to save itself from criminal indictment. Late in the summer of 2005, KPMG reached a settlement with the Department of Justice, which required KPMG to make a public admission of wrongdoing. This admission paved the way for the Justice Department to file suit against former KPMG employees involved with the tax shelters. Some argue that KPMG betrayed its former employees. With the risk of criminal indictment abated, now KPMG must turn its attention to rebuilding the trust of its partners and its clients.”
– Authors: Ragsdale, M.; Bucholz, E.; and O’Rourke, J. S. (Editor)

In the modern liberal open-market economies,  there has to have fair share of ethics to support a long standing entrepreneurial effort. A business effort should be driven by long  term vision  and should not be allowed to be affected by any individual shortsightedness.

To reiterate, in today’s commercial world, the corporations’ global spread  is the irreversible world scenario to achieve business results. So as to ensure an end to end financial management clearly aligned to take care of the regulatory and ethical requirements  of an expanding global market is of prime importance. It is the duty of the partner enterprises to be aware of the importance and critical aspects of legal and ethical orientation of their business efforts which translates into their pro-community attitude.

StylusFMS bases its efforts in providing an end to end financial services to various companies spread around the globe on a rock solid foundation of ethics and values.

StylusFMS thrives to offer not only the best financial services to its clients on time but also to package its services with an uncompromising sense of duties of a corporate citizen.