The rules of how you recruit into your Practice are changing. Technology is perhaps the biggest influencer.

Robert Half points out how Workflow Automation has altered Accounting jobs. You can no longer afford to go with traditional approaches in searching for talent.

So what are the new competencies and skills you need to consider while recruiting talent? Are there non-traditional approaches that can work for you?

New Competencies and Skills for the Digital  Practice

  1. Information and Data Stewardship
  2. Driving value-added services to grow your business
  3. Comfortable not just with a technology, but the technology ecosystem itself
  4. Subject matter expertise for content-driven marketing

Non-traditional approaches for acquiring such talent

  1. Channels that others like you are finding more effective
  2. How to take advantage of outcome defined, value based offerings.
  3. Recruit or Out task in an environment where even offshoring has become traditional