The following statements could help unlock the potential of your workflow and improve your business based on whether they hold TRUE or FALSE in your practice.

  1. You can decide to free up more time for yourself, without affecting the business in any way.  TRUE/FALSE

  2. You review the following reports periodically to understand and take action for managing your business:

    • Which clients are more value adding to the business? TRUE/FALSE

    • Staff productivity for the month of all staff employed. TRUE/FALSE

    • Profitability across Job categories to examine better alignment for service offerings. TRUE/FALSE

    • Utilization efficiency of available staff time versus billable time. TRUE/FALSE

  3. You have evolved a Job task structure that is set up in a system like WorkflowMax? TRUE/FALSE

If  you have answered ‘FALSE’ more than twice, then you have everything to gain by optimizing your workflow management.

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