From our review of Workflows in XPM (Workflowmax), the biggest reason why the application is not able to produce meaningful reports is a poorly set up Job-Task system.

Here are 5 common mistakes practice owners and their managers make while setting up their Jobs and Tasks

1. What should actually be tasks are called jobs:

This causes inconsistency in the information tracked by the  system leading to inferior reporting capability. To overcome this, we help practices first settle on their job task structure and typically achieve it on a spreadsheet, before going and setting this up in the system.

2. Ad-hoc creation of Jobs:

Jobs are added on the fly and sometimes by different staff, as and when new clients are added or new work is available. For generating meaningful reports, it is important to standardize jobs and tasks as much as possible. The system has features that help you categorize and standardize jobs and tasks.

3. Redundancy and overlap of information:

We help practices achieve as much MECE (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive) capture of their workflow in terms of the Job Task structure to avoid repetition of information across the Job and Task set up in WFM.

4. Not knowing the use of templates:

Job templates help the standardizing of the system mentioned earlier, but many are unaware of how to apply this feature. It also reduces the time for setting up, especially in a dynamic environment where new jobs are constantly added.

5. Failing to recognize Recurrence:

It did surprise us that few Practices were really using this feature although unlike other businesses, recurring jobs are easily identifiable in a practice. Then there are recurrences that might be hidden away in administrative work which can also be organized as recurring jobs.

Would you like us to take a look at your XPM (WorkflowMax) to analyze your workflow for any improvements?