A survey from the 2014 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report conducted by the Australian Bookkeepers Network took a look at the top challenges that bookkeepers face in their business:


Evidently, right up there as one of the biggest concerns for you in business is sourcing new clients. Efforts on this can seem both time-consuming and costly, and often gets bumped to the bottom of the pile when you’re trying to make time for revenue-generating tasks instead. Typically, accountants and bookkeepers are not natural sales people. While they get the job done, they are not so great when it comes to telling everyone about it!

Time Management is also a challenge for many and this may actually be correlated with the challenge of sourcing new clients. One of the ways that you can get great client references is by including business advisory in your service offering. And great client references drive new clients your way.

For time management, I also thought our Ebook on How Accountants and Bookkeepers can save time by Optimizing their Workflow might help. This Ebook generally outlines our experience with Bookkeeping and Accounting firms in Australia and the 5 steps that helped them free up time for themselves.