There has been an explosive invasion of technology into every area of professional engagement in our times. But that does not mean that a small business owner or the key decision maker of a firm is harnessing the power of technology well enough. So how can you do a quick assessment on how well you are utilizing technology that you already have?

Here is a simple test. Write down the most important questions that you need answers to, on a regular basis. How easily or quickly does your existing technology environment provide you the answers?

For an example here are 3 questions put down by a client of ours – a practice in Australia. The technology environment involved was Xero as well as Xero Practice Manager (Workflowmax)

  1. How do my clients compare between each other with regard to the overall effort my team and I put on their account Vs. the actual time we bill them for?
  2. How much time overruns is my firm experiencing across client accounts when compared  to initial estimates?
  3. Can I look at a consolidated performance summary for each of my staff to see how I can better incentivize them?

Now, the questions can be different for each business and the experience and wisdom of the leaders of the firm will determine the best questions in each case. The important thing for you is to write these questions down and investigate how well they are being answered by the systems you already have in place.

In case you are interested to look at the reports that were generated for the above example, please Click Here.  

Of course, our client has journeyed on to fine tune these reports and generate more, as they became better at asking the right questions that brought them even better insights that helped them run their practice like never before!