“Digitization, machine learning, and the life sciences are advancing and combining with one another to redefine what companies do and where industry boundaries lie. We’re not just being invaded by a few technologies, in other words, but rather are experiencing a combinatorial technology explosion. Customers are reaping some of the rewards, and our notions of value delivery are changing” McKinsey Quarterly, April 2017

As the professional services industry deals with digital disruption, with business models and service offerings being altered, practices and business owners are well served to take note of the role of a Digital Workflow Manager that can become a game changer for your business. Here are key characteristics that outline the scope of this role.

1. Workflow Set-up and Optimisation: The scope begins with setting up your workflows in the digitized environment,  identifying the optimal combinations of application add-ons as well as talent and administering the workflow tools to ensure effective utilization of all the technology that is available to you.

2. Intelligent Business Dashboard: Bringing you insightful information on a regular basis that will help you better manage your practice/business.

3. Ongoing administration of workflow tools: While most cloud and digital applications are easy to use and intuitive, the ongoing administration would still be best entrusted to someone who brings training and aptitude for such a role. The increasing attention to the tool set-up and administration may not be a good use of your time and best left to a specialist.

4. Scanning the App marketplaces: The shelf life of apps and add-ons are getting limited as more and more apps enter the marketplace. New and improved features of the latest arrivals on the scene may require you to change your tools more frequently than ever. You need someone reliable to scout for the best apps that are getting available and making the right calls that give you a competitive advantage.

Depending on your aspirations and growth trajectory, this role could very well be full-time, as you will appreciate from the scope sketch above. However, the exciting news is that you have flexible options to virtual engage a Workflow Manager to match your exact need. Meet the digital disruption head on to wrest advantage!
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