In the new digital ecosystem, sharpening the saw for the sake of your practice equates to:

  1. Knowing the tools that can make an impact on your Practice efficiency
  2. Having the capability to implement as well as ‘power use’ these tools
  3. Clarity on how your workflow is mapped, allowing you to spot improvement opportunities, including an application of tools.

If you are a Silver Partner or above, you already have the Xero Practice Manager as part of your software infrastructure. For better utilization, however –

1. You have to set it up correctly:

Most people end up with a sub-optimal job task structure. Remember this is at the core, if you want good reports out of the system. And this will remain fundamental even when technology keeps improving.

2. Reliable and consistent administration:

It isn’t tough to administer many of these add-ons and tools, but where people trip up is with consistency. Horses for courses! Accountants and bookkeepers might not make the best tool administrators. You pay the price for short cuts by ending up with an under-utilized and backlogged system.

So, reach out to people who take to tools like fish to water. Leave it to those who do it best while you focus on what you do best.