The debate is almost settled now! It is better to have your information on a cloud server and protected with professional security and redundant backups rather than trust it on your corruptible computer drives or local network.  However, this is not to say that one should blindly rush in. Due diligence need to be firmly in place and can be done without putting a hole in your purse. I think that the conversation now turned away from “should I” or “shouldn’t I” be in the cloud to “how do I do it more effectively?”

Virtual Talent  

As long as you have a decent internet connection, you are able to work anytime, anywhere and data is safely stored and backed up and accessible by you, your colleagues, and your stakeholders.  That’s awesome, and it’s a game changer in being able to effectively provide services to your clients.  Sure, you have heard this a gazillion times already!

But hey, once you are on the cloud, you no longer need your staff in the same office… they can be all around the world. The word  “Virtual Talent” has become a thing because of the Cloud. If your worry is about ending up micro-managing your virtual talent, take a look at our Case study on How Xero Practice Manager helped overcome the trap of Micromanaging.

Tool Proficiency

This is the question that everyone is asking.  Which software is better:  QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, Zoho, Wave, Kashoo. The answer depends entirely on your clients. Doesn’t it?

Who are your clients?  Law firms, construction companies, flower shops, and online retailers all have different accounting needs.  So before you choose the tools you are going to use, you need to figure out who your clients are so you can adapt to what is best for them. In the App Revolution that is sweeping our industry, you need to have more than just the accounting application in your tool bag. A myriad of add-ons from document management to inventory management and customized reports can get anyone’s head spinning!


It is what the doctor ordered to clear your head. Gravitating towards your niche means that you could develop a core toolbox of Best of Breed tools. After that you will be able to streamline, dive deep with both the tools and your clients, and greatly accelerate the growth of our business.

Does that mean that you have to do all this yourself? By no means! Many avenues are open to you through Virtual Talent exploration! Check out the video.