Technology is revolutionizing the Accounting profession.
The main drivers for this are Cloud applications which allow companies as well as practices faster access to improved business intelligence resulting in an enhanced capability for advising business decision makers.

CPA Australia lists the following tips for harnessing the power of modern technology on its website:

  • Treat technology as the key to your business success
  • Use workflow management to assess how technology can help you become more efficient
  • Commit appropriate levels of expenditure to maintaining and upgrading your IT systems
  • Embrace the benefits that flexible operating systems and online communication systems, such as the cloud and Skype, can offer clients and staff
  • Maximise the commodity of time with automation, integrating your systems and processes
  • Ensure your practice management software is ready for Standard Business Reporting
  • Utilise data analytics to unlock the hidden drivers of your practice and hone business performance
  • Explore social media as a business communication tool and to collaborate with peers

To achieve these, you need to answer an important question.

Do you have the required talent deployed in the appropriate role?

Download this important article on “How to apply emerging roles to grow your Practice”