In this age of network intelligence, the ability to ask good questions is critical for business owners, leaders and teams. Given below are a dozen questions we ask ourselves as a professional services team, periodically, for improving our value proposition and growing our business.

  1. Who is our Client? What should we know about our Clients? What does our Client really value?
  2. What do we know today about Cloud Accounting?
  3. What are our Current Services? What do we actually offer?
  4. How do we relate to Technology?
  5. Why is Solving problems important? How does it look different from a regular delivery of services?
  6. What are our Strengths and Weaknesses; Opportunities and Threats?
  7. How can we become a trusted advisor for our client? What are the steps to reaching there?
  8. Why is TRUST a critical factor in growing our business? How is trust built?
  9. What impression do we give the client in every interaction? Does it align with our stated value proposition?
  10. Is delivering high quality work on time – an essential or a special with us?
  11. Is the cloud really helping our business or eliminating it? What are the opportunities and threats posed by the Cloud – to our clients and to us?
  12. How important is it to be transparent? Should the client care about our challenges?

These questions were created from the feedback obtained from each member of our team as they answered the following questions:

  1. What is our business?
  2. What should be special about our business?