I am going to make a very bold statement – The accounting profession has to make deliberate changes to suit the needs of their small business clients!

Being a small business owner myself I would love my accountants to not only offer me business advice but be my trusted business advisor. Being a trusted business advisor is the model for Next Gen Accounting Firm.

Well now, What does it mean to be a business advisor?

1.Better Business Automation Solutions:

Like how Tom Hagen ( Consigliere ) advised Don Corleone in the Godfather. Accountants need to advise the right applications and add ons to their clients according to what best suits their business model. By using the add-on’s and applications accountants and business owners can reduce the time spend on data entry and quality checks.

2.Better Insight :

Data driven insights with the data that you collect from the apps engaged rather than just providing financial reports, giving the business owner the privilege of better decision making.

3.Being Proactive :

In a recent survey, The Sleeter Group found that the top reasons small businesses leave their Accountants is because they: (a)did not give proactive advice, only reactive, and had (b)poor responsiveness. Accountants need to be there when their clients need them and they need to be more proactive than reactive if you catch my drift.