Are accountants and bookkeepers cozying up to these new technologies that are flooding the markets these days? Some people have the idea that “accountants” and “bookkeepers” are a bit technologically challenged!

As you might already know that I am neither an accountant nor a bookkeeper myself, although I’ve been hanging out with them for close to a decade now and trying to help solve their technology, workflow and talent out-tasking issues. Now it isn’t a surprise to me looking at this survey conducted during the Sleeter Con in 2015  revealing these numbers 98% of the respondents are using or looking into “mobile” technology, 89% are already using or knowledgeable about cloud accounting.

Why are they adopting new technology?

The top answer here was, in order to be more productive (55%). You can get more done, you can generate more revenue, right? “Better work-life balance” is up at the top too (43%).

What about their Clients?

OK, so maybe Client Satisfaction isn’t the top driving reason why these accountants and bookkeepers were choosing to move to new technologies. I do think that it is an important factor. As we start to use these new cloud and mobile technologies, we are beginning to interact more and more with the client and their “live” data. We are moving away from shoe-boxes. If we are using  new technologies that means our clients are using those new technologies as well. How is that going to impact our client’s satisfaction level?

According to the survey respondents, 83% of their clients are more satisfied now that these new technologies are being implemented. This shows me that clients will be driving accountants to these new technologies. Accountants and Bookkeepers cannot afford to be left behind as more and more of your  clients look for the benefits that everyone tells them they’ll get from online and mobile software and services. If you don’t change now you will be left out!