A lot of has changed in the accounting profession in the past decade. There’s now better technology, better integration, and for accounting and bookkeeping practices – more opportunity than ever. Xero’s vision is to unlock data and display it in a way that is useful for their partners as well as their small business customers. That’s the first half of Xero’s vision, the second half is to offer you tools to make that data manageable and easy to understand.


What is Xero HQ?

Xero HQ is a platform  not unlike the Xero Ecosystem which consists of 500 apps connected to Xero, Xero will be working with a number of selected Xero Practice App Partners, connecting them to Xero HQ to provide an integrated ecosystem of tools for the accounting and bookkeeping industry. This is a huge deal for the accounting and bookkeeping practices. Completely changing the way the industry works. Xero HQ is going to help you unlock the efficiencies when working with your clients and the Xero HQ takes things one step further.

Xero HQ features:

Here is a summary of features that is game changing:

  • Activity feed – prioritize your work using the activity feed to see which clients need actions and when. Remove the actions you don’t want to see and setup custom actions for others.
  • Client list – view a list of all of your clients. Create new Xero organizations for clients not already on Xero. Easily search for clients and view all their contact information in one place.
  • Explorer – drill into your clients based on their industry, apps, or banking partners they use. Gain better insight into how your clients work and use this to help upskill your practice and build better relationships in our Eco-system.
  • Reporting – our renowned report templates functionality is still available and will work just the same as it did within My Xero Partner Edition
  • Advisor Directory – for practice administrators; get leads with great marketing by keeping your listing updated on the Xero Advisor Directory with this improved administrative tool.
  • Staff management – new tools including visibility over your staff’s certification status.

What does this mean for the Practice Studio:

For users of Xero Practice Manager, Tax and Workpapers, have no fear, Xero has said that they are going to keep these products as they are. You can keep using them in your practice and enjoy continued updates. However, Xero HQ brings a new set of benefits.

Xero Practice Manager users can now enjoy a single consolidated client list across both platforms — no more double handling, no more incomplete data. Are you a user of Xero Tax or Workpapers? You will be able to view actions via the Activity Feed in Xero HQ across all your clients and resolve them right away.