Managing client work as you grow rapidly can be challenging. If your existing systems aren’t scalable, you will soon outgrow them. We asked Practice Owners in Australia on how they allocate the jobs and close to 54% said they use team meetings and emails. All good, except, tracking client communications can be chaotic if clients were to double in the next financial year!

Here are 3 steps to scale your business with ease using various features in workflowmax:

Step 1: Better Utilization of Job Templates

As a practice owner, I am pretty sure that you are on top of the different types of services that you offer to your clients. Barring the one – off jobs that you do this might do during the course of the year the jobs that you do may not change when you are handling one client and when you are handling 100 clients. So create Job Templates in Workflowmax with relevant tasks, costs, and milestones and with a click of a button you can create jobs, rather than the last minute work that we usually tend to do.

Pro Tip:

If your Quote Management system is in Workflowmax, you can assign the job template to the quote and as soon as your client accepts the quote in one click your quote becomes a job with all relevant tasks, costs, and milestones.

Step 2:  Create Recurring Jobs in Workflowmax:

Here is a really useful feature. Once you scale your business say from 10 to 50 clients you will not have the time to create individual jobs for each and every one of them. In order to avoid this conundrum, workflowmax have come out with this feature called Recurring Jobs. Create a recurring job and adding the relevant job templates to the recurring job at the start of the financial year and automagically you will have jobs opened during various stages of the year all you need to do is monitor and ensure your staff enters time religiously.

Pro Tip:

Use good and efficient naming in your recurring jobs to get good visibility in your job dashboard (eg: take a look at what some our clients use for their naming process in recurring jobs)

  • BAS Lodgement {Month-3}{Month-1}
  • {Client }{Month} Monthly Bookkeeping

Set up a job deadline milestone in your job template so you get a notification to close the in progress jobs because the last thing you need is a number of recurring jobs continuously creating jobs in your job dashboard and messing up your visibility, W.I.P etc.

Step 3: Collaboration Manager to the rescue

Raise your hand if this has happened to you, scrolling down in an inbox without any folders trying to locate an email your client sent to you a couple of months ago. Well now with the help of the collaboration manager in workflowmax you can save all client communication in workflowmax and link it to the job that you are doing for them at the moment. All you need to do is setup the collaboration manager in the jobs tab in workflowmax . CC the email id with the relevant job number and without you doing anything more all the communication with your client gets tracked and better yet any attachment gets saved in the documents section of the job.

Pro Tip:

Connect Workflowmax to your document storage cloud application like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox Etc and create a folder structure and now what you have is a powerful tool to identify any information that you require without wasting too much time.