As a Practice Owner – collaborating on documents and tracking correspondence is an important part of your game. The days of carrying around a suitcase filled with a number of files is well and truly behind us. Now most practice owners use cloud storage systems like Google drive, Box and DropBox. This is all good but do you think it is time for you to step up your game. Here are 4 Steps that you can take to kick it up a notch with collaboration and Document Management using WorkflowMax.

1. Rethink your Document Organization Machine:

Many of us start off using document management in an ad-hoc kind of way in the beginning – just a place to dump files you wanted to work on across multiple locations or share with clients. It is time to step back and rethink your strategy for better Document Organization.

2. Plan out your folder structure:

Here are some tips on improving your file organization – Your folder structure must reflect the way you work and recall information. You need to be able to read the titles of the folders and instantly know the hierarchy to follow in order to place or retrieve a particular file.

3. Automate as much as possible:

Automating takes away the need for you to form new habits as it’s all done for you. There are lots of ways to automate document management for a practice owner. You can use apps such as Mail Attachment Downloader to automatically save and download mail attachments or documents stored locally to the cloud. The major document management apps (Drive, DropBox, Box) all enable you to automatically sync documents stored locally.

4. Keep it all together:

When practices used paper files, each file had punches, so that other files could be added later. This enabled different types of documents – letters, forms, emails, plans, drawings, notes to be stored together. When designing your document management system, you need to think about easy ways to hang these files together. The Document Management and collaboration features on WorkflowMax make this easy – One of the coolest things about cloud-based applications is that most of them can talk to each other. This means that you can integrate your document management tools with other software and apps to create clever business workflows.

WorkflowMax project management software integrates with the three most popular document management services: Google DriveBox, and Dropbox. By syncing your chosen document management tool with WorkflowMax, you can then associate files and folders with particular jobs. WorkflowMax allows you to give clients a login of their own – they can go into the system, check on the status of their job, and then view and make notes on files or documents you’ve uploaded there. This is collaboration at its best – enabling you to work with clients efficiently and have high visibility on each job status.

WorkflowMax also has another nifty feature called the Collaboration Manager where you can code email conversation with clients or staff and store these emails against the relevant job. This means that both correspondence and documentation can sit together with each job. If you are struggling for time to do all of the above, why not get in touch with our WorkflowMax advisor who will help you take advantage of these features to step up your document management game?