Up to 10 staff could be freely set up in your Xero Practice Manager if you are a Xero Gold or Silver Partner. You would already know that Practice Manager supports task based billing but a little lesser known fact is that differential rates can be recognized for each staff based on the value they generate, by virtue of their experience and expertise. Superior staff performance can be the result of higher productivity – where they do the same job in lesser time, or greater expertise, where only they can do the job.

 If you have not been recognizing differential rates  across your staff yet and putting it to strategic use in your management, here is what you should consider.

5 steps to turbocharge your Staff Management using your Xero Practice Manager: 

Step 1 : EASY – First get your staff into Practice Manager:

Go into your Settings and click on Staff and hit Invite Staff. Enter in all the information followed by all the privileges you wish your staff should enjoy in practice manager and Click Save.

Helpful Tip : Even without any privileges set,  a staff can look at  his/her task and fill in the time corresponding to that task.

Step 2 : Sharpen your Pricing Model In Practice Manager:   

As Mentioned above this is less known information about Practice Manager that it can accommodate different pricing as well as types of billing:

  1. Hourly and Fixed Rate Billing
  2. Task and Staff Rate Billing

Choose the one your practice has been using earlier or find out if you can improve profitability trying out another type of billing available to you in Practice Manager.

Helpful Tip : Set up both the Staff and Task hourly rates just in case you would like to bill differently for various clients.

Step 3 : Make sure that your staff is comfortable using Practice Manager:

  Once you setup your staff in Practice Manager, each would receive a password. Give them a general walk through on Practice Manager and provide them links to the training videos. Due to the simple UI that practice manager provides your staff will find it easy to transition into it with ease.

Helpful Tip : Don’t waste your time with orienting your staff rather outtask this job to an experienced practice manager advisor to get your staff up and running in Practice Manager.

Step 4 : Get your staff and yourself to religiously enter time into practice manager:

Why is it important to get the time into Practice Manager? Once you have that time data within practice manager you will be able to slice and dice data any way you want and get out reports that give you a clearer picture on where you stand as a practice. The fundamental requirement is that your staff and you add time to practice manager.

Helpful Tip : Take a look at the new time tracking feature in practice manager and see how easy it has become now to track time.

Step 5 : Leverage differential staff performance with the help of the staff scheduling dashboard and customized reports: 

 With this Dashboard you will have an overall picture of your practice. It gets better with a Quarterly, Monthly and a Weekly view of what you and your Staff our doing. Further, you can set precise measurements on staff productivity – who does jobs in lesser time and therefore has a higher effective rate? Are there specialized jobs that command higher rates? Customized reports can keep a track of these.

Helpful Tip : On the Dashboard

  • If the job shows pink it means that the job is overdue .
  • If the job shows red it means that the job has crossed its estimated time
  • If the job shows a light blue shade it means that the job has been completed within the allocated time.

There you go, with these 5 simple steps to get complete control of your staff management and stay on top of your practice as well.  We’re happy to help you setting up customized reports.