How important is Operational Efficiency to you as a practice? If it is, you need to think about improving the utilization of your XPM/Workflowmax.

I am delighted to announce a service offering that we recently launched. This will be a strategic addition to your toolkit. We carefully prepared this based on interest expressed by a number of our clients and can offer this to the first 5 that Sign Up.

How you can put your XPM (Workflowmax) to work in the way it was meant to

  1. Full setup of all your services in a job task breakdown. This will give you control over your workflow as well as job and task allocation across staff.
  2. Even for the compliance services, intermediary milestones can be set up, that will give firm control over the compliance deadlines
  3. Setting up all staff (both in-house and outsourced staff) with the various billing structures. This will give you better control over staff planning as well as staff costing
  4. Reports that will give you insight on your business: Customized Weekly and Monthly Reports on the Overall health of your firm can be designed and set up. You can have a track of Staff Productivity and efficiency for instance, through these.
  5. W.I.P ( Work In Progress ): A snapshot view of the WIP of your firm is a helpful health indicator at a quick glance. We can have this going for you

We now can allocate our Advisor to work closely with you to achieve the above objectives. This comes at an attractive package price of $825 on a 3-month schedule.