A great way to begin the new financial year is by reviewing and overhauling your current workflow and tune it for greater productivity and scale.

Here are five steps you can take to transform your practice:  

 Step 1: Get your Task list right

 At the core of your workflow is your comprehensive Task list. It ought to be a finite and mutually exclusive list not exceeding 20 well crafted tasks. I can safely bet that most practices have this all muddled up. Get this one right and the rest will fall in place.Evaluate by asking these questions:

  • What inefficiencies can you spot in the way you are set up now? What  needs to be changed?
  • What are the reports that you are missing? Are you monitoring the health of your practice the way you should?
  • Do your Invoices and Quotes need to look different? Are you wasting too much time fiddling around but getting nowhere?

Get your task list right and you are well on your way.

Step 2: If it is important, it needs to be measured

So make sure you are capturing all relevant data  accurately and in a timely manner. The most important data element for your practice is time. Measure it to impact your practice productivity and eventually release time for yourself – to work on your practice and grow it.

Step 3: Know the functional features available to you  

Have a look at all the features which is provided by WorkflowMax and think how it helps your business. For instance, 9 out of 10 of WorkflowMax users DO NOT use Custom Fields. Using this helps you record useful client information – anything from your client’s key business metrics to how many sugar cubes the marketing manager puts in his coffee – something that gives you a unique lever for your business. A standard, yet powerful feature is the job template, which helps you to collate tasks, costs and actions on different types of jobs.

 Step 4: Bring your talent on board  

Apply all the talent at your disposal on WorkflowMax, on boarding them and  helping them understand the benefits of the change and the advantage of using a system like WorkflowMax. A tool like this can give you the edge when you apply remote and offshore talent and manage them just as effectively as you would from your own office.

Step 5: Keep it simple

The software has a lot to offer, and you don’t need to learn it all at once. We can help you along the process. That is what WorkflowMax advisors are for. We’re happy to help and discuss Management or Setup of Workflow Max or any other workflow related queries in your practice.