Application and Add-Ons revolution has ensured that newer feature-rich competitors enter the fray every 6 months.

  If you look at the document management tools, for instance, it started with the document repositories among which Dropbox, Box etc were popular. Today newer versions and newer apps like Hubdoc and Receipt Bank have gone on to provide increased document management automation options. Your bills and statements can now be pulled into one secure hub. It gives you one login to view and manage the documents from all of your accounts. These apps automatically sort and organise all of your documents into searchable and customizable folders as soon as they arrive while employing bank-level security to ensure that your data is safe.

Scanning the ecosystem for the latest options available for your workflow, therefore, has become an unavoidable exercise.

Having a documented digitised workflow for your end to end processes will once again prove very useful for such an exercise.  If you do not already have this in place, make it a priority to engage a workflow engineer to document this for you. This document will provide you the basis to evaluate new applications and make clear judgments on what might suit your workflow.

If you do not consider yourself as the best person who can keep an eye out for new and emerging technology, be sure that you assign this responsibility to another trusted resource. Have this resource update at least quarterly on the technology ecosystem that is relevant to your business and any tools or add-ons that you might need to consider. If you do not have the right talent within your organisation, you have the opportunity to engage such a role virtually on a part-time basis. Service providers who can package their offerings from a business outcome perspective will give you a greater assurance of value, for such services.

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