Managing client work as you grow rapidly can be challenging. If your existing systems aren’t scalable, you will soon outgrow them. We asked Practice Owners in Australia on how they allocate the jobs and close to 54% said they use team meetings and emails. All good, except, tracking client communications can be chaotic if clients were to double in the next quarter!

With the help of Xero Practice Manager(XPM) all relevant communications can be organized client specific and can be pulled up for reference very easily. We then asked the same audience how many of them use XPM for task management and only 19% confirmed.

Have you been postponing the decision to move to XPM and improve managing your workflows? Perhaps you have started using it but only partially. Here are 6 steps towards putting XPM to good use and  manage your client work confidently.

 1.Set up your clients: 

Setup all your clients in XPM, thereby having one place where all Client contact details are available. You can send emails from within Practice Manager with a click of a button.

2. Set up all the tasks:

Set up all the tasks relevant to your bookkeeping and compliance jobs. Practice Manager bills your clients based on the rates you apply for specific tasks. Adding the  base rate as well as the billable rate helps you track  staff rate against the billing rate applied to clients.

3. Create Job Templates: 

Jobs  are a compilation of tasks, milestones and costs. If you have a Job which is similar for various clients then Job Templates can be created and if you have a job that is repetitive then Recurring Jobs for each and every client can be created.

4. Organize your tracking:

Keep track of all your jobs and staff and what they are doing with real time updates of time and staff scheduling.

5. Build Business Reports:

Generate Reports to keep track of different metrics you may want to monitor your business with. Example: percentage of billable/non billable time for a particular client

6. Streamline invoicing: 

With the seamless integration with Xero, the invoice created inside Practice Manager can simultaneously be sent to your client as well as updated in Xero.

Have a look at a couple of Case Studies that explain on:  

  1. How Xero Practice Manager helped our clients Overcome the trap of Micromanaging! 
  2. How Xero Practice Manager helped us break the One Off Job Curse.

Voila!! You are now in great control over all your client work. If you simply cannot find the time to do all this yourself, help is at hand. If you feel that this is all too much for you to tinker with, leave it to us to set up all this for you and help you explore an improved use of your Practice manager.