The reporting feature of WorkflowMax is incredibly valuable when you get it right.

Three Tips to achieve great reporting and a bonus report package right at the end: 

1. Begin with the End in Mind:  Take some time out and list down the most important questions you might want to ask of your practice. We will all agree that it is important to work on your practice instead of only working in your practice. And again, the way you categorize the jobs and tasks in Workflowmax is also very important, from a reporting standpoint and therefore demands your careful consideration.

Great reporting in WorkflowMax is easy when the system has been correctly and comprehensively setup to include the flow of all information and data in your practice. As much as its features support, remember to move things over to Workflowmax. For example, you can move in your client quote process in, if you have been using another system for this purpose..

2.Manage time with greater diligence: Daily time sheet entries will  give you the most accurate data for  better reporting. Additionally:

  • You can use custom notifications to alert teams when their actual time is approaching the estimated time on their jobs.
  • Lower your risk of project overruns by being able to review jobs daily.
  • You can issue and approve invoices promptly  in the system –and track your AR status for managing it more effectively.

3. Keep your WIP in check: The Work in Progress Manager or WIP in Workflowmax shows unbilled work – detailed by month or job status and provides customizable filters.

Make sure that the job status is kept current, in order to get accurate WIP reports

Here is a Bonus for you: Three useful reports any practice owner must be seeing every month.

  • Consolidated Staff performance Comparison
  • Clients compared on Ratio of Billed/Unbilled hours
  • Estimate Overruns

[Click Here] to download the reports. All the same, keep looking out for more information on Workflowmax reporting I will be sending your way.`