The Bookkeeping and Accounting Industry has taken Digital Impact! Traditional revenue streams are challenged as business models change. Gone are the days when a bookkeeper drives around and visits two, three or four customers a day and help them with their books. Today, they can help 20 customers or more in a single day. Cloud computing and cloud accounting is only going to get better in the coming days. Technologies like Near Field Communications (NFC) will usher in a day when you are doing your books by waving your phone. And yet certain fundamentals are going to remain decisive in determining your competitive advantage as a professional service provider.

Quality and Efficiency in Accounting and Bookkeeping always relied on two key aspects:

1. How well information is organized and managed:

Information in the form of bills and receipts, bank and credit card statements and any other documents can be organized, indexed and channeled into the accounting application with very little manual intervention today.

2. How well talent engagement is optimized:

The doors are now wide open to engage a global talent pool. These fundamentals are enhanced and not replaced by the relentless progress of technology. Stated differently, cloud computing today allows better information management and virtual talent engagement like never before.

Have you evaluated your firm for efficiency in terms of workflow, process and talent management? Most people would take a call based on their perception on these matters. The wiser way is to document the current workflow, talent application and costs and then, keeping this as a reference, explore improvement. If you think you do not have the time or know-how to achieve this, the good news is that a conversation with us can quickly get you there with surprisingly low cost and effort.